Technology at Tacoma Dental Centre

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Technology at Tacoma Dental Centre

Modern dental advances have resulted in such advancements as tooth-coloured restoration materials, advanced imagery tools and better methods and medications for pain management.

Take a minute to learn about some of the technologies we use at Tacoma Dental Centre.

Digital Photography

We use digital photography of your teeth to assess your needs as well as to help plan all treatment options.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are used to examine your bones, gum tissue, roots and teeth to detect any damage, decay or signs of disease.

Panoramic X-rays

Panoramic X-rays allow us to take a complete image of your mouth and jaws. This provides an overall view of your mouth, which aids in assessing the health of your jaws and the alignment of your teeth.

Cephalometric X-rays

Cephalometric X-rays take a profile image of your jaw and skull, allowing us to assess the alignment of your teeth and jaws.

On your next visit to our office, ask about how we used advanced dental technologies to care for your dental health.